St. Libory, Illinois, USA

A great place to raise your family!
  St. Liborious History
Saint Liborious Catholic Church
Pastor - Father Stan Konieczny
Deacon - Rev. Mr. Andrew Lintker 
Choir Director - Harry Rutter


911 Sparta Street, POB 331

St. Libory, IL 62282
Email Father Stan


Reconcilliation - Saturday, 5:00 to 5:15pm, Anytime by appointment

Baptism - Preparation Program Required, Contact Rectory

Marriage - Contact Rectory at least 4 months in advance

Eucharistic Celebrations

Saturday, 5:30 pm
Sunday, 8:30 am
Consult Bulletin
Holy Day
Preceding Evening, 7:00 pm

Saint Liborious Catholic Church
Much time, effort and money have been put into building an appropriate place for the worship of God in St.Libory.  Parishoners have given greatly of their time, their talents and their finances to make their church more than just a place to gather, but a true house of God.  The present church gives testimony to their efforts.  This great church, serving a small community, stands as a monument to the zeal of the parishoners of generations past.  Two other churches preceded the present one.  The history of these buildings dates back a century and a half to a time when St. Libory had been settled and known as Mud Creek.   Click here for more information on our history.




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Fun Events.....
St. Liborious Church has yearly events to raise money, such as:  Wurstmart, Quilt Bingo, Church picnic and more.


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